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Written and illustrated by Joanna Harrison

Published by Harper Collins

Everyone knows that sometimes dads can be grumpy and grouchy and grizzly...But what would you do if your dad turned into a great big grizzly bear? Read this book and find out what it's like to have a real Grizzly Dad!

More about Grizzly Dad...

•  Grizzly Dad was nominated for the Book Trust Award in 2007.

•  Grizzly Dad also won a Parent’s Choice recommended Award in the US.

•  Liam Gallagher in an interview in The Times said it was the book he liked to read to his children.

•  Grizzly Dad has been read twice on CBeebies . Once by Shelley Conn and again by Liz Carr.

•  Grizzly dad has 5 stars on Amazon and some great reviews.

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